Incoming Quality Inspection

Effective quality inspection of incoming raw materials is done with the help of relevant tests using precise equipments for measurements.

We make sure we adhere to the ANSI /ASQC Z1.4 -1993 sampling standards.

We ensure best quality consumable inputs from world class manufacturers

  • The input materials are authenticated with test reports for every lot.
  • All the incoming materials undergo independent verification from recognized laboratories.
  • New component evaluation and approval capability.

Not only is our facility subject to audits, but so are our vendors. Our vendors undergo regular audits and are rated based on various statistical tools and the feedback is sent back to the vendors to ensure that the quality standards are met. In our facility, the line complaints are constantly monitored for continual improvement.

New and alternate component approval process have been developed in association with the design, development and engineering departments. The new set up for quality inspection and testing is ESD and RoHS compliant.

Once all the testing of incoming materials is done, it is sent over for manufacturing using their bar code tracking. Each component in a lot is linked to the finished product using the tracking ID.